Which is better foil or rotary shaver 

For many men (and women) shaving is a crucial part of their daily regime. Facial hair is usually unwanted, and a cleaner face can make a person feel more attractive and confident – facial hair may also be associated with uncleanliness.

Men and women may find shaving with a manual razor to be too painful; they may be susceptible to cuts, and they may find it too time-consuming.

Electric shavers are a very useful gadget to have. They reduce the time it takes to shave because no gel or lotion is needed (this also helps to lower the cost) and it is usually a faster method. The blades are covered up by a thin sheet of foil or plastic which means the blades don’t touch the skin, enabling fewer cuts and shaving rashes. Electric shavers are also an appealing gadget for many men to have and can be seen as an iconic statement.

There exist two types of electric shavers: rotary and foil. Rotary shavers usually have three separate heads with blades that rotate in a circular motion. There are holes and channels in the three heads where the hair enters and gets cut off by the blades.

Foil shavers are strips of vibrating blades that are covered by a thin sheet of metal which is covered in holes.

A famous question that numerous people are curious about is – which is better, rotary or foil?

In answer to this, I prefer rotary shavers. Rotary shavers win inconvenience because they have heads that have greater flexibility compared to a foil shaver, this means that the headers can reach tricky areas quickly (such as underneath the jaw). Rotary shavers are also slightly better for sensitive skin due to the extra protection of the blades and are also said to last longer compared to foil shavers. It has been said that rotary shavers are much better at cutting longer hairs so that you can go longer in between shaves.

Foil shavers are supposed to make a more even cut with fewer patches of hair missed out because of the blades a more evenly spread out compared to rotary. Foil have also been said to cut closer than rotary, but I find that it is more dependent on technique and the quality of the shaver than the type of shaver. The right kind of shaver foil is very necessary for having a clean shave. With the right choice of the shaver foil, you can get rid of the different types of skin irritation. Most people buy these kinds of shavers by seeing their price, but the correct way of selecting them is to buy them according to the type of facial hair you have.

Rotary shavers use the convenience of three different heads of circular blades which are very different to the original strips of leaves which the manual and foil shavers contain.

Electric shavers are a very useful, efficient and beautiful gadget to have. Compared to a shave with a foil razor, it is far easier just to get the best electrical shaver, switch it on and get the work done. Electric shavers are a lot safer than manual razors, so this means a very low chance of cuts and nicks some razors can even clean themselves!