Most car owners think that a car wash and car detailing are the same and serve the same purpose for their vehicles. These two are both essential but should be done at different times. The car wash could be done weekly or when needed, while auto detailing should be done quarterly for your car to be in tip-top shape. Here are the five reasons why you have to schedule your vehicle for car detailing every quarter of the year. 

For Practical and Proper Car Maintenance

Many people think car detailing is expensive and settle for car washing which involves being washed by machines. However, in-car detailing your car is in good hands as it is done by hand by professional detailers. It includes cleaning, washing, detailing the interior and exterior part of your vehicle. To learn more about car detail packages, visit Soap hand carwash near you. This way, you maintain your car thoroughly and adequately. 

For Regular Restoration of a Paint Job

Sometimes scratches and swirls on your paint job cannot be avoided. To restore your paint job like brand new, you need a car detailer. They can patch up and repair any scratches or swirls that could have been caused by foreign elements that stayed on your car for long periods. It could also be caused by other factors that could have been harsh on your vehicle requiring some restoration through detailing.

For Maintenance of Car Shine



Car detailing also uses the softest materials on your car to lessen the possibility of any damage in the long run. Unlike car washing that uses strong products to remove dirt and grime, car detailing uses car wax to give your car the needed shine.  

For Increased Car Value

If you own a vintage car, you understand that you must maintain or even increase its value by making sure its parts and paint job is in great shape all the time. Auto detailing can do this for you by applying gentle techniques and tricks to keep your car shining and speck-free for the most part. 

For Extension of Car Lifespan

Speaking of the car value, you also want your car to last longer than it should be, especially the limited edition ones. Car detailing not only checks your car surface interior and exterior, but they can also clean your engines for you if you let them. Most car owners are a skeptic when considering to allow anyone other than a mechanic pop the hood. However, car detailers are also experienced in cleaning your engines and other interior parts. Keeping things clean under the car hood will prevent your car from malfunctioning and keeping things functioning the right way. 


These are the five main reasons why you should get your car detailed every quarter of the month or when it is badly needed. Make sure to get it done by professionals with the right tools and equipment. Don’t forget to ask for detail packages that fit your car’s current needs.