How to Wholesale and Sell Products to Retailers | Handshake

There are different means of making money anywhere in the world. One of those means is being a wholesaler of any product or owning a dealership right to sell the product on behalf of the direct producers. An excellent example of such a motive is the AWIN group of dealerships that are dealers and producers of many products.


There are lots of things that wholesalers can sell; they can sell foods, electronics, furniture, and so on. As a wholesale distributor or dealer, you will be free to run your own company the way you like and have an agreement with a producer to be the only or one of the groups of dealers that will be selling one particular product for a specific time.  Let’s now take a detailed look at how you can become a wholesale distributor.



You want to become a wholesaler does not mean you should jump into it. It requires that you have an excellent educational background from an experienced wholesaler before involving yourself. Getting an education may also require that you go to college to have an understanding of how to manage a business. Courses like accounting or business management are the set courses you can do that will be of great help for your business.


Know what you want to sell

After achieving the required education that qualifies you to be a wholesaler, knowing what so sell is the next thing. Don’t just jump into any product; try to know more or much about the product you want to be selling before embarking on it. You have to do this so that you will be able to gather enough experience before selling as the public you want to sell to will question you a lot, and you must be ready to defend it.


Business profitability

It is a must that you do a feasibility study before embarking on any product you want to sell. By this, you will be able to know if the business is profitable or not, because not all business is valuable; some make their gain from what the producers offer them.


Open an account

If you want your business to grow, there is no how you will not have to open a business account, which will be different from your account. Company accounts mostly used to carry the name of the business, although you, as a business owner, will be the one signatory to it. Another reason why you will have to open an account is because of tax identification so that you will be able to get a license to operate as a business entity.


Arrange for funding

Becoming a wholesaler for a product is not an easy task; most of the time, people that start it always sourcing for fund or go into partnership before they could stand in the business. But before you source for the fund, you need to calculate how much you will need to put the company in good shape before sending your proposal to those that will help you out.


Get a warehouse

There is no how you will not need a warehouse to stock your goods. It is essential as that is one of the things that the producers will consider before partnering with you.