If you are thinking to rent a Ferrari will break your bank account then i think you are about to change your thoughts. Buying ferrari may out of your reach but ferrari rental is pretty much getable. 

Exquisite design and exclusive top notch features make ferrari a dream car of luxury car enthusiastic. Ferrari manufacturers kept the glory and pride over the years by producing the state of the art Ferrari car models. Perfect crafted designs and the class statement is always the part of company moto. 

If you are on a vacation you can enjoy the thrill and excitement by renting a Ferrari in dubai at good rates. Here you can check rent Ferrari Dubai like Ferrari 488 SPIDER for rent, FERRARI 488 GTB in Dubai  I will assure you, this will be the ride of a lifetime.

Dubai Luxury Lifestyle And Super Cars 

Dubai is a city of rich elites who lives in million-dollar mansion and riding the world’s most expensive supercars. Luxury cars are the part of the dubai luxurious lifestyle and it is also a symbol of high-class statement. So maybe you are thinking only rich kids have the access to luxury cars like ferrari, lamborghini or rolls royce? Nope, it’s not true, even a layman who has a motivation to spend around 3k to 5k AED can rent these cars from any reputable luxury car rental company in dubai. DUbai is city where you can find the widest range of luxury cars that suits every budget. 


If you are not a rich elite then you can feel like a one once you will find yourself behind the wheel of ferrari. Imagine how many eyeballs you will draw once you make an entry to world tallest building burj khalifa by riding ferrari. So how can you rent a ferrari in dubai without breaking your bank? 

Locate The Right Car Rental Company

You will find numerous car rental companies in dubai and they all have different car models in their fleet. Locate the company who have high end car models like Ferrai and lamborghini. Check do they have new models in the fleet and also ask about the rental rates. This will give us a sense of live rates. But rates differ from company to company so be aware and continue your search. 

Draw a Price Comparison Analysis

A good thing about dubai is that everything is so organized here and you can get all the required information in a few clicks. If you make a price comparison search, you will find lots of websites who offer price comparison charts of different car models. Most of the time their information is right but you should confirm by calling the desired company. It is very important you should know about the extra cost that comes with the car once you book it. 

Weekend Deals Are Lit

Some car rental companies offer great deals especially on high end cars to attract customers. If you find any good offer then it is your chance to grab it, if you think you have flexible time. So always check these kinds of offers before booking. 

Follow The Timetable

It is very important to follow the timetable and return the car before time. It is good for your own benefit because if you return the car late even if it is like 30 minutes some companies will charge you a full day. So either you get the time cushion from car company or you return the car on time. Mostly luxury car rental dubai companies are flexible and friendly, if you talk them in advance then they don’t bother if you are a bit late.  

Book In Advance 

If you want to save money on renting then you should book early. Once you finalize your plan then it is a perfect time to book it. Prices of high end cars can change out of sudden especially in peak season so bare in mind. Last minute booking will make you vulnerable and luxury car rental companies can take advantage of it. 

Use Travel Credit Cards

Most travel credit card covers insurance on car renting. So before leaving your home, you should make sure you have travel insurance. Otherwise, it will add to the budget. 

Don’t Go for Extra 

Some companies try to trick you by offering extra features like a navigation system. I don’t think you need it while you already have GPS on your smartphone. You should decline all the extra offer that you might think is not worth the hype. 

Fill the Tank By Yourself

It is not a wise decision to let the company full the fuel tank on your behalf. Don’t let them allow it because if you didn’t empty the fuel tank they are one who will get the benefit. So take the fuel tank responsibility on your hand. 

Final Thoughts

You can fulfill your dream of riding Ferrari once you visit dubai. You can drive around downtown area or riding around dubai marina. Rent ferrari in dubai is very easy and in a few hours of booking, you will on the roads. Luxury car rental companies in dubai offer discount deals from time to time so you should check it before booking. Happy Renting!