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Not a luxury need to have a vehicle or transportation in the melinium. Almost 80% of all people have a vehicle and transportation. However, we must be able to maintain our own facilities and take care of them so as not to cause air pollution

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Aston Martin TM01 turbo V6 is its first in-house engine since 1968

Aston Martin TM01 turbo V6 is its first in-house engine since 1968

Aston isn’t telling us how potent its latest technological terror will be, but we’ll assume that it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of “Very.”

Aston Martin

When it comes to sports car engines, the V6 doesn’t generally get a lot of respect. It’s almost as big as a V8 but doesn’t sound as good or make as much power. It’s more compact than a straight six, but isn’t as smooth and doesn’t sound as cool. It’s most similar to a flat-six, but it’s got a much higher center of gravity and doesn’t sound as good.

Now, that’s not to say that there haven’t been some truly great V6 engines — the Busso V6 from Alfa Romeo and the VR38DETT from the Nissan GT-R come to mind — and it’s that particular pantheon that Aston Martin is looking to not only join but dominate with its new hot-vee V6 engine that’s set

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2021 Honda Insight gets more active safety gear, tiny price bump

Radiant Red is a new color, and I dig it. Honda Good news, 2021 Honda Insight shoppers: The hybrid sedan's base price doesn't increase a dime over the outgoing 2020 model.  For those looking at more well-equipped trims, there's also more active safety technology...

The electric pickup trucks that may change your mind about diesel

The Nikola Badger uses the other half of Nikola Tesla's name and two electric power sources: Fuel cell and battery. Nikola Motors All of a sudden the biggest story in electric cars is trucks: Electric pickup trucks. Here's what's coming, who will make them, and why...

See the electric trucks that want to steal the show from electric cars – Video

All of a sudden the biggest thing in electric cars is trucks, electric pickup trucks. Here's what's coming, who's making them, and why you'll wipe that sneer off your face and eventually want one. [MUSIC] The world gawked recently as Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck....

Elon Musk digs the idea of a Tesla HVAC system for the home

First the solar roof, next a Tesla HVAC system? Tesla Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a busy guy as he works to donate ventilators to California-area hospitals and distribute a supply of N95 masks. But, Musk is undoubtedly a dreamer, and he shared his thoughts on a nifty smart...

Ford to 3D-print face shields, help create respirators and ventilators

The first 1,000 of these are already at hospitals in Michigan. Ford For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. The Arsenal of Democracy is becoming the Arsenal of Innovation as Ford, General Motors and Fiat...