Nowadays,  one of the best known -places throughout the  Middle East is a town that founded its economy solely on its oil wells, which used to be a fishing town. We recommend that you visit Dubai, with its tall buildings, luxury resorts, white sandy beaches and camel races, with a car rental agency, including driver’s service for transfers from airports, business trips or sightseeing.

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You will find all kinds of cars on car rental website that suit all of your needs. Pick-up service is accessible in all towns, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Umm al-Quwain. Additional services ease the trip throughout the Emirates. All major brands, cheap passenger cars, luxury sedans, sports cars are available at our agencies.

You can sit back and relax while riding a rented car with a driver in Dubai if you don’t know where to go, or you want to attend a special occasion, or you just want to save yourself the hassle of driving. Most car rental agencies provide packaged services with a driver but you can of course rent a regular car and become your own driver.

Take advantage of our rented car services with a  driver in Dubai in the best way to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay while touring. It is very useful when you are traveling on a business trip or simply for tourism. Enjoying a local driver means you don’t have to worry about reading maps, getting lost, or searching for a parking spot.

If you are using our trusted rent a car with driver in Dubai, you can ask for exceptional requirements. We provide trained and professional drivers who can speak fluently in more than one language. 

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Easy-to-use rent a car with driver in Dubai 

We provide qualified and proficient drivers from our rental agency to experience the most pleasant, easy and flexible way of visiting the city.You just relax and enjoy the ride!

You don’t have to ask for more, we have thought of all the conveniences for your comfort, whether you are using your laptop, or your mobile or just simply wandering on the streets, just browse and know how much it will cost you to rent a car with driver in Dubai with excellent services at reasonable prices and experience the luxury and elegance that only riding with us brings you to reach your destination.

It will take around 20 minutes for our certified driver to reach your place in Dubai, whether at your home or in the lobby of your hotel.

Advices on driving in Dubai

You might find driving in Dubai for the first time to be confusing as the roads might be busy and crowded. Don’t forget that the city is changing all the time and the same happens to the road network. There will be a lot of roadworks and diversions, but our team will advise you about the best routes.

Considering the size of Dubai’s city, we recommend that you equip yourself with a GPS or download a navigation application on your mobile. There will be traffic jams during peak hours both in the city and around the airport area: between 7 am and 10 am and between 4.30 pm and 7 pm.

Be careful about strict compliance of local authorities with the Highway Code. You will be in big trouble even if you have a low level of alcohol in the blood or the use of your mobile phone while driving.

Dubai is a contemporary city built for the automotive industry, which is comparatively the primary means of transport for locals and tourists. Near the main hotels, shopping centers and the main tourist attractions of the city you will find several paid parking meters. Book now a private driver to enjoy your stay in Dubai with cheap car rental Dubai. We are always ready to provide you with the best service!